TBG streamlines the way you handle your HR business

TBG streamlines the way you handle your HR business. As fellow employers, we understand exactly where you are with managing turnover and retention, administration of complicated employee benefits and never ending government compliance.

The Bowles Group exists for one reason and that is to give you greater control and peace of mind. It is our goal to improve your company’s employee-employer relationships and associated processes.

Administration of your Company’s Benefit Plans

Providing well-received and affordable benefits to your staff is only one piece of the puzzle – to administer them, you might want the benefit of an experienced partner.

At no time in recent memory has so much effort and resources been allocated to securing competitive and affordable benefits while remaining compliant. Once those benefits are secured, the other half of the battle begins in administering those plans. To do it right it takes attention to detail, diligence and understanding how payroll and HR interface. To do it wrong can cost dollars in lost or expired premiums, not to mention unnecessary exposure for your business.

Employee eligibility tracking
Forms audit and Carrier enrollments
Life changing events
Deduction management
Full-time / part-time tracking

Arrears premiums administration
Invoice premium reconciliation
Cobra administration
Open enrollment support
Broker support

HR Back Office Support

HR process outsourcing through a third party is now a common practice for those businesses that may find hiring and maintaining specialized HR talent impractical.

If your business is experiencing any of the below indicators, it might be time to review how you can get affordable, on-demand services from highly experienced HR professionals.

  • You’re unsure your business is compliant
  • You want access to HR help, but are not sure if you can afford it
  • A long term employee who handled payroll and HR is leaving the business
  • Your business is looking to downsize or grow in the foreseeable future
  • You’re worried about your current processes and what could be falling through the cracks

Unemployment claims management
Access live voice HR expertise
FMLA and General Leave administration
HR audits

Policy design and implementation
Employee handbooks, Job descriptions
Mandated filings
Legal updates and resources

Whether you’re looking for traditional HR support, augment current staff duties, or need a partner in the maze of employment regulation, TBG’s professionals are ready to help.

Payroll Administration Support

HR process outsourcing through a third party is now a common practice for those businesses that may find hiring and maintaining specialized HR talent impractical.

In each facet of your employee relationships there are essential requirements that are understood and satisfied by all employers. With TBG, traditional payroll and related tax administration can be gathered and confidentially processed

from legacy or alternative third party systems. Our payroll knowledge and expertise gives you the freedom to redirect internal efforts to those areas most critical to your company’s success.

HR Compliance Audits

Employees are your most valuable asset and your biggest expense. Having professionals routinely review your HR delivery in support of the goals and objectives of your company is just good business. While an HR audit is a quick way to identify what’s working and what needs improvement, it can also be in depth and comprehensive addressing one area if needed.

Broker Relationships

Increased pressure for independent brokers and agents to retain long-term business relationships has never been greater. Large payroll processors, and banks are now major competitors for your business and your revenue streams. Not a day goes by that your clients are contacted to explore alternative service and coverage options.

With TBG, we value those relationships you have developed over the years and we want to help in maintaining those for you. We can assist your business and protect your client relationships in a variety of ways.

  • Group medical plan administration:  We can support a variety of carrier plan designs that include eligibility tracking, deduction administration, invoice and premium reconciliation, plan adds and deletes, COBRA administration, open enrollments, and more.
  • Accounting support for payroll and workers compensation premium tracking
  • Providing you with census data compliments that enhances your retention and adds value to your relationships

Historically we have lived by the following principals:

  • Take a genuine interest in your client / prospect / referral
  • Be completely honest, even when it may not be easy
  • Give the best advice, even when it has nothing to do with us
  • Adhere to our business philosophy of making clients stronger